Brighton-based Breathe Panel's second album, released on independent label Fatcat.

Josh Tyler's analogue photography provides the aesthetic basis, and visual 'tone' to accompany the music. As hands-on and multi-skilled artists, it made sense that the band themselves created the imagery. The task here was to assemble it respectfully, and design a complementary type style for the artwork.

The titling and sleeve notes were filmed directly on-screen with a late-nineties camcorder. Frozen frames of the captured footage were then cut and pasted back into the artwork; a deliberately non-digital approach, intended to sit comfortably with the warmth of Breathe Panel's sound and Ali Chant's production work.

With thanks to the band and Emma Snook.

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Breathe Panel - Lets It In by Colour Format


Breathe Panel - Lets It In by Colour Format

Vinyl disc

Breathe Panel - Lets It In by Colour Format

Centre label


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